LEVEL 1.2 : Beginner who has tried surfing a couple of times before

This is a challenging stage for both – you and our coaches – because in some surf schools you had before, the techniques used differ from the ones that we use. Therefore, we stick with the ISA method of teaching.

At this stage, we focus on:
– Reviewing the basics with you and comparing it with the methods you learned before (level 1.1)
– Working on your stance for more balance and improving on your pop up and paddling technique
– Teaching you on the basic stages of a wave and the shape of a wave at the particular beach
– Talk about positioning in the line up to catch unbroken waves
– How to do the angle take off and get into an unbroken wave to the left or right
– Learning how to slow down or accelerate according to the section of the wave
– Correct stance

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